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  • Genetics
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  • Supervisory/Management
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The Seibold Laboratory is a cutting-edge, NIH funded, laboratory focused on elucidating the pathobiological basis of asthma and other complex lung and allergic diseases. Our goal is to discover pathobiological subgroups of disease (termed disease endotypes) and the genetic, environmental, and immune factors driving their development. We are accomplishing these goals through the integration of genomic endotyping studies of large patient cohorts with in vitro mechanistic studies of human organoid culture models. Ultimately, we will leverage the information gained from our research to develop precision medicine approaches for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of these diseases. The Seibold Laboratory is composed of a multi-disciplinary team of "wet lab" cell, airway, and molecular biologists integrated with "dry lab" computational biologists, bioinformaticians, and statistical geneticists.

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We are seeking a highly motivated, accomplished Laboratory Manager to join the Seibold Lab.  This position includes both administrative (50%) and academic research roles (50%).  Administrative duties include maintenance of institutional biosafety protocols and review documents, laboratory inventory and organization (electronic notebook and database management), developing budgets for internal research and external collaboration projects, interacting with vendors and managing orders, and management of laboratory staff.  

The research component of this position is flexible, based on the applicant’s research experience and interest.  While the successful applicant should have experience in several of the research techniques listed below, the Lab Manager will additionally be trained in several of these techniques for both support within laboratory projects, and to oversee continuity of protocols across the lab.  Research projects in our lab readily utilize tissue culture models using primary airway samples to study the molecular responses to environmental exposures including PM2.5, tobacco smoke, and virus infection.  Molecular techniques are used to investigate the cellular responses to such exposures, including Next-Gen sequencing, 10X single cell sequencing, fluorescent microscopy, and various cellular assays.  To conduct and study population genetics on a large scale, the Seibold lab is equipped with several high-throughput automated liquid handler robots, used to build RNA-seq libraries, perform RNA/DNA extractions, and track and inventory samples across several data management platforms. 

This is an excellent position for someone who enjoys conducting academic research and is interested in expanding into additional managerial/administrative duties.  This candidate is the ultimate team-player who is enthusiastic and eager to learn new techniques and to support and help lead a highly productive laboratory in respiratory health and molecular genetics at National Jewish Health.

Successful candidates in the Laboratory Manager position will have:

  • B.S (M.S. or PhD preferred) in Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics, Immunology, or a related field 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Effective judgment and independent problem-solving skills 
  • Highly motivated and committed to biomedical research
  • A willingness to learn new technologies and implement established protocols
  • Molecular biology experience 

Preferred skills and experience

  • Experience with Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols and documentation
  • Next-Gen Sequencing (library construction, sample management, 10X sample processing)
  • Experience with laboratory automation (liquid handlers, databases, electronic lab notebooks)
  • Primary airway epithelial tissue culture
  • Molecular biology skills: Microscopy, qPCR, RNAscope, multiplex PCR or ELISA assays

For questions please contact Dr. Max A. Seibold,

Position Summary    

The position supports and advises laboratory staff.  Manages laboratory finances and acts as a liaison to principal investigators and departments.  

Essential Duties    

  1. Determines staff qualifications and competency:  recruits, selects, hires, trains, orients, mentors and rewards.  
  2. Manages/supervises and develops an effective staff: providing effective communication, leadership, guidance and resources.  Directs in-service and continuing education activities for staff.  Monitors staff safety compliance and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as needed. 
  3. Evaluates staff performance regularly and determines merit increases, promotions and disciplinary actions.
  4. Manages laboratory finances in coordination with the cost administrator.  Oversees cost containment, supply budget and spend out of grants.  Prepares capital equipment justifications.
  5. Plans, organizes, and supervises the work of subordinate laboratory researchers.  Supports and advises graduate students, fellows and temporary personnel.
  6. Oversees laboratory compliance with all essential institutional requirements pertaining to general, biological and radiation safety.
  7. Coordinates laboratory samples, database and biological resources.
  8. Coordinates with other departments for laboratory equipment repair and renovations.
  9. Plans, develops, operates, records, collaborates and reports on major research projects.
  10. Serves as the primary contact with the research staff for technical services on major techniques, recording devices and statistical procedures relative to the specifically assigned field.
  11. Presents data in a formal setting.
  12. May co-author manuscript publications.

Core Values

  1. Be available to work as scheduled and report to work on time.
  2. Be willing to accept supervision and work well with others.
  3. Be well groomed, appropriately for your role and wear ID Badge visibly.
  4. Be in compliance with all departmental and institutional policies, the Employee Handbook, Code of Conduct and completes NetLearning by due date annually.
  5. Fosters an inclusive workplace where diversity and individual differences are valued and leveraged to achieve the vision and mission of the institution.
  6. Adheres to safe working practices and at all times follows all institutional and departmental safety policies and procedures. 
  7. Wears appropriate PPE as outlined by the infection control policies and procedures.
  8. Demonstrates compliance with all state, federal and all other regulatory agency requirements.

Other Duties & Responsibilities    

  1. Helps to build relationships between research and the community by assisting with laboratory tours and informative presentations.
  2. Represents the laboratory in relevant committee meetings.
  3. Performs all other duties as assigned.

Key Competencies    

  1. Laboratory Knowledge: Demonstrates and understands laboratory testing and methodology.
  2. Building Effective Teams (Attracts and Develops Talent: Fosters the long-term learning or development of others.  Focuses on comprehensive development, rather than formal training.  Ensures the right people, processes and structure are in place to produce and maintain excellent business results.  Builds a solid and credible organization.
  3. Business Acumen: Assimilates, synthesizes, interprets, and communicates significant business and economic information and impacts.
  4. Decision Quality: Makes good decisions based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgement.  Sought out by others for advice and solutions.
  5. Adaptability: Maintains effectiveness in the midst of change in work responsibilities or environment, requirements ambiguity, or stress.
  6. Problem Solving: Uses issue identification, data relation and comparison, pattern recognition and information gathering to create analyses and make recommendations.
  7. Informing/Communicating: Conveys ideas, responses, or instructions effectively, appropriately, and persuasively through writing or speech.
  8. Drive for Excellence: Consistently meets performance expectations, ensures that accurate, objective, and timely measures of quality are made and used.
  9. Innovation Management: Identifies key trends, opportunities, and organizational capabilities that would bring competitive advantage to the organization.  Sees trends before others and integrates concepts in a unique way.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Education: BS /BA degree, Master's Degree preferred.
  2. Work Experience: 6 years of laboratory experience, 2 years of experience may be substituted for a Master’s Degree. 2 years of experience leading the work of others required.
  3. Special Training, Certification and Licensure: None


Salary Range: $85,000 - $100,000


At National Jewish Health, we recognize that our outstanding faculty and staff are the essence of our organization. For every aspect of health care, our employees are our greatest asset.
With that in mind, we have designed a valuable, comprehensive benefits package to meet the needs of our employees and their families.

  • Medical Plans, Dental Plans and Vision Insurance
  • Retirement Plan
  • FSA and HSA
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance and AD&D
  • Voluntary Benefits, like Accident Insurance, Critical Care and Hospital Indemnity
  • Sick and Vacation Paid Time Off
  • Wellness Program
  • Legal Plan



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